How Much Does BioLife Pay For Plasma?

Donating plasma is an incredible way to help others. This golden liquid, extracted from your blood, is used to create life-saving treatments for people with immune deficiencies, blood disorders, and other serious health conditions. While the act of donating is its own reward, it’s understandable to be curious about the financial side of things. BioLife, … Read more

Managing Your BioLife Donation Payments Through Northlane’s Digital Platform

Plasma donation centers like BioLife compensate donors through prepaid debit cards managed by companies like Northlane. This article will explain how to activate, use, and manage your BioLife debit card through Northlane’s online portal and mobile app. Activating Your Northlane BioLife Debit Card Once you have completed your first plasma donation at a BioLife location, … Read more

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