Managing Your BioLife Donation Payments Through Northlane’s Digital Platform



Plasma donation centers like BioLife compensate donors through prepaid debit cards managed by companies like Northlane. This article will explain how to activate, use, and manage your BioLife debit card through Northlane’s online portal and mobile app.

Activating Your Northlane BioLife Debit Card

Once you have completed your first plasma donation at a BioLife location, you will receive a Northlane-issued debit card. This 16-digit card number can be used to access your compensation funds after following these activation steps:

  • Go to the Northlane activation website at
  • Enter your 16-digit Northlane card number and date of birth
  • Review and accept the cardholder agreement
  • Set up password-protected online account access while activating
  • Sign the back of your physical debit card
  • Review the information packet sent with your card

Once these steps are completed, your card will be active and ready for use. Be sure to keep your card information secure and private.

Checking Your BioLife Donation Balance

You can check your available balance in a few different ways:

  • Log in to your Northlane account online: This allows you to view your balance and transaction history.
  • Call Northlane customer service: The toll-free number is printed on the back of your card.
  • Text “BAL” to 445544: You’ll receive a text with your current balance.
  • Use the Northlane mobile app: Download the iOS or Android app to monitor your balance in real-time.

The first ATM balance inquiry after each donation is surcharge-free. Additional ATM inquiries may incur a $1 fee, so the mobile app or online account access are ideal for regular balance checks.

Where Can You Use Your BioLife Debit Card?

This prepaid debit Mastercard can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard. You have access to:

  • All major retailers, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
  • Online merchants and apps
  • Over 900,000 ATMs worldwide for cash withdrawals

Any purchase amount that exceeds your available balance will be declined at point-of-sale. So be sure to check your balance beforehand.

Important Fees To Know

While there are no fees to make regular purchases with your card, some other transactions will incur charges including:

  • ATM balance inquiry: $1 per inquiry after your first surcharge-free check
  • Card replacement: $4.95 for lost, stolen, or damaged card replacements
  • Inactivity: $3 per month if your card is inactive for 90+ days
  • Declined transaction: Possible fees if a merchant or ATM declines your card due to insufficient funds

Be sure to use your card at least once every 90 days to avoid inactivity fees. Also take care not to overspend your balance, which may trigger declined transaction penalties. Check your balance regularly via the convenient mobile app to avoid surprises!

Managing Your Northlane Cardholder Account

Take advantage of Northlane’s online portal and mobile app to get the most out of your BioLife debit card. You can:

  • Check your real-time balance
  • View detailed transaction histories
  • Transfer funds to a bank account
  • Set up text/email alerts
  • Update personal details
  • Set and manage spending controls
  • Freeze a lost or stolen card
  • Dispute fraudulent transactions
  • Access cardholder support

Registering for an online account is quick and easy during the card activation process. Be sure to record your username and password in a safe place. The mobile app provides the same convenient access on-the-go.

BioLife Debit Cards Offer Donors Flexibility

Northlane’s prepaid debit card is designed for use however you prefer. Spend the funds from your plasma donations anywhere Mastercard is accepted online or in-person. Manage your account via their website or mobile app. Convenient access empowers donors to put their compensation to use easily.

This overview covers the key features and functionality of Northlane’s card program for BioLife donors. Be sure to review all account materials and contact Northlane customer service with any other questions. Proper use and maintenance of your card will provide hassle-free access to your donation payments.

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