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Help local healthcare professionals treat those most at risk for serious and life threatening complications of COVID-19.

Due to limited antivirals, limited ICU capacity and many months before a vaccine, COVID-19 puts the general public at risk and especially those with comorbidities. Convalescent plasma from recovered individuals has been used as a treatment for H1N1 and previous coronavirus including SARS and MERS. Convalescent plasma may be most beneficial as a prophylaxis.

Can Donating Plasma Delay Your Period?

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COVID-19 has crippled communities, nations, and families across the world in just a short few months. A threat of such gravity requires swift, decisive action and for community leaders to step up and address the issue.

Plasma Therapy (Plasma Tx) based out of Rome, GA, is changing the way that COVID-19 is combated by initiating a convalescent plasma treatment option for patients who are most at risk for complications. We are creating and documenting the process used to implement this treatment so other physicians across the nation can follow our steps and serve their communities.

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