Accessing Octapharma’s Donor Portal and Online Screening



As a plasma donor with Octapharma Plasma, you have access to useful online tools to manage your donation experience. These include the Octapharma donor portal and Octapass online health screening. This article provides an overview of how to use these resources as an Octapharma donor.

Octapharma Donor Portal

The Octapharma donor portal is an online account system where you can view key information related to your plasma donations.

What the Donor Portal Provides

Key features of the Octapharma donor portal include:

  • Debit card information – View your plasma donation payment card details
  • Donation history – See your last 3 donation dates
  • 35-day cycle info – Check the number of donations in your current 35-day period

This helps you track your donation frequency, earnings, and payment card balances. In the future, Octapharma plans to add more donor account details to the portal.

Registering for the Donor Portal

To access the donor portal, you must first register online:

  • Go to and click “Donor Portal”
  • Click “Register” and enter your email address
  • Create a password for your donor portal account
  • Provide your donor ID number, which can be found on your Octapharma payment card

Once registered, you can log in any time using your email and password. The portal is accessible on desktop and mobile for convenience.

Key Benefits of the Donor Portal

The Octapharma donor portal provides:

  • Easy earnings tracking – Monitor your payment card balances and donation history.
  • Improved planning – View your 35-day cycle details to plan and maximize your donations.
  • Secure access – Check your donor information securely through a password-protected account portal.

Registering is quick and gives you real-time access to manage your account.

Octapharma Online Donor Screening

Octapharma also offers an online health questionnaire system called Octapass to streamline screening before each donation.

How Octapass Online Screening Works

With Octapass you can complete donor screening from home rather than on-site. Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the questionnaire – Answer health history questions online prior to your appointment.
  • Get a barcode – Octapass provides a QR code to access your screening answers.
  • Show at center – Bring and scan your Octapass QR code when you arrive to donate.

This allows you to skip the on-site screening line and proceed directly to donating.

When Octapass Can Be Used

While convenient, some limitations on Octapass use include:

  • Existing donors only – Octapass is only for donors who have completed an initial on-site health screening at Octapharma.
  • Current donations – You must complete Octapass on the day of donating, not for future appointments.
  • Your center only – Octapasses are only valid at your registered Octapharma plasma donation center.

Octapass Benefits

Key advantages of using Octapharma’s Octapass online screening include:

  • Faster visits – Skip screening lines to save time donating.
  • Efficiency – Complete health questions from your phone or computer.
  • Safety checks – Thorough screening still occurs, just remotely via Octapass.

This innovative system aims to improve donor experiences with added speed and convenience.

Get Started with Octapharma’s Online Donor Tools

As an Octapharma plasma donor, be sure to take advantage of their donor portal to manage your account and Octapass for faster screening.

Registering for these online systems is easy and provides helpful resources to maximize your donations. With convenience tools like these, Octapharma leads the way in making the donation process as simple and efficient as possible for its lifesaving plasma donors.

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