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Donor 360 is CSL Plasma’s convenient online portal that allows donors to complete their health screening questionnaire from any device before arriving at a donation center. This article will guide you through the donor 360 login process and HealthPass questionnaire.

Logging Into Donor 360

To get started, visit https://donor360.cslplasma.com/login and enter your donor ID/phone number and password. Select “Start Questionnaire” to begin.

The welcome screen displays your name and last donation center. Choose “Continue” to select a donation center for your upcoming visit. If the center is listed, select it to proceed. Otherwise you’ll need to complete your donation at another location.

Navigating the Questionnaire

On each questionnaire page, read the full question and respond honestly without assistance. Some questions have additional forms you must review by clicking the link. Answer all required fields or you cannot advance.

If unsure of a response, click “Help” and staff can assist you in center. You can also complete the questionnaire at the donation center if needed.

Carefully review your answers before selecting “Complete” to finalize. Make corrections as needed.

Generating Your HealthPass QR Code

After completing the questionnaire, sign the acknowledgement. Select “Next” to generate your unique Donor HealthPass QR code.

Your QR code is only valid on the day you complete the questionnaire at the center selected during login. The code remains accessible via Donor 360 on the same device until scanned.

Check-In at the Donation Center

Arrive at your scheduled donation center with your device displaying the QR code. Scan the code at a kiosk if available, or proceed to the screening line where staff will scan your code, import your health history, and check you into your visit.

Let staff know if any health information has changed since completing the questionnaire. Your safety and the safety of other donors is the top priority.

Additional tips: Center staff cannot regenerate expired QR codes. Complete a new questionnaire if the original code cannot be scanned. Accurately disclosing any potential risks allows CSL Plasma to minimize infection spread in centers.

By finishing your HealthPass online through Donor 360, you streamline the donation process. Accurate self-screening also helps maintain the safest environment possible for all donors and staff. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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